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Hi Everyone, My source is sales force written one filter condition like contact_id equals "1234567" but sometimes it's working ans sometime is not working ,what is the issue ,can you please help about this issue.

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hello Bidyut,


There are a few questions regarding your environment that may help pin point where the issue is happening:


1) What happens when you try to run an SOQL query using the same filtering criteria and the same authentication information You can use this tool to run your SOQL queries: https://workbench.developerforce.com/login.php. Does the same behavior occur


2) Are you using an on-premise agent or a cloud agent


3) When did this issue start to happen How has your performance been with Scribe Online with regards to when this issue started to happen


I would like you to create a case with Scribe Support by clicking on the 'My Cases" tab on the navigation bar, select "Open Scribe Online Case", and then answer the questions I asked you. With creating a case, Support can be more hands-on with you on trying to resolve your issue.


Thank you.


Wesley C.

Scribe Support.

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