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Hi All, can any body suggest ,how to create mail distribution list(DL) in scribe online and where we can give all developer mailing address and how to configure in scribe job. Thanks, Bidyut

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hello Bidyut,


For anyone to receive any notifications from Scribe Online, they would have to have user access to your org. By default, all new users have all notifications available to them activated. You can see this by clicking on your user in the upper right-hand corner in Scribe online, and click on "Notifications".


As for setting up a Mail Distribution List, other than giving each developer their own access to your Scribe Online org, you could create an mailing Alias in your company that forwards all of it's mail to the developers, and then invite that Alias as a part of the Org.


However, I don't understand what you mean by "how to configure in scribe job". The notifications are activated and managed on an organization level, not a solution or map level. I would have you look at the notification settings of your user as an example.


Here is a link as well for more information regarding Managing Notifications: https://help.scribesoft.com/scribe/en/index.htm#sol/account/notification...


Thank you.

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