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Inference not able to connect to the listen/discovery url on linux server

Yasser Farag 2

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Hi All,

I am deploying Inference and cache processing units on a linux server.

Env is BE 5.5, AS 2.3, Admin 5.10, Hawk 5.2.


The same application/configuration runs fine from on my windows laptop.

Issue is that the cache starts but the inference cant. logs for both cache and inference are given below.

The cache was able to successfully establish connection to the port 40010

The Inference cant use the port

I insured that the server ports can accept multicasting packets UDP as per TIBCO instructions, ref https://docs.tibco.com/pub/activespaces/2.2.1/doc/html/GUID-098FE4B6-8AA...

Can somebody please advise what could be the issue or give a pointer to please

Thanks for helping!

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