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Feature Suggestion

Don Panek

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I think it would be a great addition if we could add the ability to add notes to field level mappings. This would be very handy for documenting why a field was mapped or what a particular formula is doing for that field mapping. This is not always apparent especially when reviewing somone elses code and designs.
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Hello Don,


This feature exists in the product today! Here is an excerpt from our documentation for reference.


Adding Comments


When writing formulas, it can be useful to add comments to, for example, turn features on and off while testing or to provide information for other users.


Text in comments is not processed by TIBCO Scribe Online and is ignored when you select Validate.


TIBCO Scribe Online uses the following comment formats:


// Use two slashes for a one line comment.


/* Enclose multi-line comments within a slash

and an asterisk */




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If I am reading your suggestion correctly, this is already possible with // foo or /* foo */ comment blocks. See the section 'Adding Comments' in the help article 'Formula Editor' for more information: https://help.scribesoft.com/scribe/en/sol/formulas/formulaeditor.htm

Note, you can use the /* foo */ on the same line as your mapping, if you don't normally open the formula editor:

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