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Error connecting to Activespaces datagrid on local

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Hi All,

I have installed BW6.5, FTL5.4 and AS3.5 and have installed BW Plugin for FTL (6.4.3) and AS (7.1.1).

Have set the ASDG_HOME variable as C:BW6v5AS3.5 and FTL_HOME variable as C:BW6v5FTL5.4

Grid shows to be online and I can create and list tables.

When using a datagrid.fireflyResource shared resource to connect to datagrid from my Studio, it is throwing error cannot connect to datagrid.

Details: Cannot connect to DataGrid

Make sure that ASDG_HOME/bin and FTL_HOME/bin are set in the PATH environment variable. And make sure the version of Activespaces is correct

I have replaced the tibdg.jar file from C:BW6v5AS3.5lib location to below three locations and restarted studio, but I still see the same error.




Thanks in Advance.

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