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Invoking BPM APIs from BusinessWorks

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I have created a project containing a process with a Catch Message Start Event. I want to call this process from BW 5. So I obtained the URL of the WSDL fromAdmin -> Generate WSDL.

In BW, I created a WSDL activity. In the 'Copy from URL' field, I provided the above URL. The porttype and message got created automatically.

Then in a BW process, I configured a SOAP request-reply activity for this service. I selected the WSDL and rest of the fields got populated.

The BW process runs and ends, but it does not create an instance of the BPM process i.e. there are no work items generated in Openspace.

Did I miss something

Also do I need any of these - Identity, Security Policy, HTTP Proxy Config I read about these here:


But it isn't a detailed post.

Also, is there any detailed guide for this If yes, please share. Thanks in advance.

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Did you first try to test your bpm service from soap-ui

Yes, authentication needs to be passed from BW. I am not sure why you are not getting an error similar to "Authorization failed" if you are not already passing security authentication.

You could try this tutorial


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A Security Policy Association was missing from my project.

Following are the steps to be followed:


Generate the WSDL as described here:https://docs.tibco.com/pub/amx-bpm/4.2.0/doc/html/tutorials/GUID-5D49E58E-C4BE-44C6-8EE0-2E927532A54D.html_ga=2.264260047.1941645727.1550031755-1923442936.1536142585

Copy the WSDL URL when you reach step 7 of Generating the WSDL (https://docs.tibco.com/pub/amx-bpm/4.2.0/doc/html/tutorials/GUID-C386BF35-82CA-4B81-BB36-68714B9720DC.html).

In BW, drag-and-drop a WSDL resource. In the configuration tab, paste the copied URL and click on the 'Copy from URL' button. All the messages and porttype of the BPM service get created automatically.

Now create a process with a SOAP Request Reply activity. Browse for the service and select the operation you want to invoke. In the input tab, provide your input.

Create an Identity resource with the username-password you use to log into Openspace/Workspace.

Create a Security Policy of type outbound. Currently we need only Authentication, so check that option and uncheck the rest. In the Authentication tab, provide the Identity resource.

Now create a Security Policy Association(SPA) resource. It is needed to associate our Security Policy with the SOAP call. Every SOAP call needs a separate SPA. However, a single Security Policy resource can be used by multiple SPAs.

In the SPA config tab, for the Apply Policy to field, select the SOAP call with which you want to associate this SPA.

Select the Security Policy in the Outbound Message Policy.

Test your process.


BW palette reference docs explain the details such as Policy Type very well.

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