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Hi Team, we are getting the below error Multi-record update/delete on table name rolled back. - Scribe internal error. Request your supprot to resolve this.

Shweta Jain 2

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Hello Shweta,


Are you trying to update / deleted multiple records that are returned based on your filtering criteria


If so, then can you check on "Configure Steps", go to the tab "All Steps" and tell me if the following option is checked off:


"Allow multi-record matches on updates/deletes"


If that is already checked off and you're still receiving that error, you may have a database where trying to perform multi-record updates / deletes is not allowed or the integration user does not have permission.


Please see the help site references below:




"Allow multirecord matches onupdates/deletes-If checked, ifInsightfinds a match for more than one record during anupdateor delete, the operation is performed on all matching records. The following rules apply:


If this feature is not selected (the default), and more than one match is found, the operation is not performed on any of the records, and an error is logged.

This feature is only available if there areupdateand/or delete steps defined.

For multitarget DTS files, all targets must allow multirecordupdates.






"Success: more than one row affected. This outcome only appears when multirecordupdates are valid.


Operation succeeded and affected or found more than one row. Occurs most frequently withupdates, deletes or seeks. If multirecord operations are blocked at a database level, then you should never see this outcome forupdates or deletes. Instead, these multirecord operations are get trapped and returned as failures.



If you need any further assistance, please feel free to create a case with Scribe Support by clicking on the "My Cases" button on the navigation bar and then clicking on "Open Scribe Insight Case".


Thank you


Wesley C.

Scribe Support

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