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R3 adapter failed AER3-910005 Startup Error. SDK Error

Sanyog Gupta

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Hello All,

when i am deploying adapter it's not going into running state,its showing as starting only. when i check the logs. found the below error.

AER3-910005 Startup Error. SDK Error:

"Code = AESDKC-0151, Category = JmsComm, Severity = errorRole, Description =

JMS Error: Failed to connect on tcp://ems0.itg.com:7342

Security exception, File = /tsi/root/workspace/suren/Maverick/580sdk/libmaverick/MJmsSessionImpl.cpp, line = 703"

received during initialization.The Repository URL is /opt/tibco/TIBCOHOME1/tra/domain/ITG-03/data/ERPAdapter.dat:typeAccess=CLIENT_USAGE_FORCE_INSTANCE_LOCK andthe Configuration URL is /tibco/private/adapter/Adapters/Outbound-R3AdapterConfiguratio


can you please help here.

Thank you so much in advance.




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