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Scribe Online - Files integration

Ramy Zahran

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Hi @Ramy Zahran,


You can use the Scribe Labs - Filestream connector with an on premise agent.



Install an on premise agent

Create a directory to hold the files on the same server as the agent (i.e. D:TIBCOIntegration

Under Marketplace, Activate the Scribe Labs FileStream connector

Create a FileStream connection, use the directory from above (i.e. D:TIBCOIntegration). Call it FileStream

In the map, add the connections for Salesforce and FileStrem

Query the Salesforce Entity to get it's id field

Use the FileStream block ReadFile, entity "file." Put the full path of the file you want to upload in the "filepath" field.

Use the Salesforce Create Block, entity "Attachment". Map the result field FileStream_fileReadFile.filedata to the Body field.



Here's a sample map:


And here is how the field mapper looks for the Create Attachment block:




Remember that the FileStream connector is part of TIBCO Scribe labs and is not officially supported.

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