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be-jdbc deploye error, "Set event repository database type to 'oracle' and using ansi type is 'enabled'"

Manoj Chaurasia

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I'm trying to create backing store using be-jdbc deploy command. But i'm getting the below error,


C:tibco_bebe4.0bin>be-jdbcdeploy -o tw_uat C:AmritaWorkspaceTW_UATCOPS_BECOPS-RAINBOW-TWCard-UAT.cdd G:AmritaCitideployTW-UAT-13Sep.ear


TIBCO BusinessEvents (2010-05-21)

Using arguments :-o tw_uat C:AmritaWorkspaceTW_UATCOPS_BECOPS-RAINBOW-TWCard-UAT.cdd G:AmritaCitideployTW-UAT-13Sep.ear

Copyright 2004-2010 TIBCO Software Inc. All rights reserved.


Using bootstrap property file: C:tibco_bebe4.0binbe-jdbcdeploy.tra

Default event repository database type is 'Ansi'

Set event repository database type to 'oracle' and using ansi type is 'enabled'

Using jdbcdeploy property file: C:tibco_bebe4.0binbe-jdbcdeploy.tra

Using jdbcdeploy schema file: C:/tibco_be/be/4.0/bin/base_types.xml

Using jdbcdeploy keyword file: C:/tibco_be/be/4.0/bin/dbkeywordmap.xml

Deploy to oracle database

WRAPPER - start method threw an exception

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.InstantiationError: com.tibco.cep.repo.provider.BEArchiveResourceProvider

at com.tibco.be.jdbcstore.JdbcDeployment.generateScripts(JdbcDeployment.java:326)

at com.tibco.be.jdbcstore.JdbcDeployment.deploySql(JdbcDeployment.java:154)

at com.tibco.be.jdbcstore.JdbcDeployment.main(JdbcDeployment.java:85)


Please suggest.

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