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SVN Code merge :tibco bw project

Bhanu Sahu

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We are facing a problem in the code merge and unmerge, Please advice : Problem statement is below:


We are using SVN as SCM, We have a trunk, from trunk we have created the a Branch B1 for the development,


We have multiple projects going on the same branch, different developer is working on different project on the same branch.


Lets say we have 3 projects going on same branch P1 , P2 , P3 and P4. Changes for the all projects done in the same branch.


Now lets assume project P3 development is completed, now we have to move this code changes to production , we need to merge the code changes done for the P3 project to the trunk.


Code is a XML file.


I tried SVN cherry picking, but it is not working when same file is modified for more than 1 projects (as this is XML)


Please suggest how can we do the code merge in this case.


Can you please suggest how other tibco clients are managing the code merge issue





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