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Execution of Javascript Failed

Brian Collins

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I created quite a few separate scripts to transfer calculated values over to document properties and everything was working well until I got back to work this morning. Now I have 40 separate errors that all say something like this:

Execution of Javascript failed

Exception details:

Type: ReferenceError

Message: transferValue is not defined

Stacktrace: ReferenceError: transferValue is not defined

at eval (eval at (http://localhost:8001/package=js:25:118184), :16:59)

at Object. (http://localhost:8001/package=js:25:118220)

at Function.each (http://localhost:8001/package=js:14:21449)

at Object.f [as evalCustomScripts] (http://localhost:8001/package=js:25:118153)

at eval (eval at evaluate (http://localhost:8001/package=js:19:1379949), :177:55770)

at eval ()

at Object.evaluate (http://localhost:8001/package=js:19:1379949)

at Object. (http://localhost:8001/package=js:19:1338105)

at Function.each (http://localhost:8001/package=js:14:21449)

at k (http://localhost:8001/package=js:19:1338039)

Any clues as to what this could be

Thanks in advance.

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