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Push BWCE buildpack to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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I fail to push the bwce buildpack to my Pivotal CF account (https://run.pivotal.io/).

This is a free account.

I see similar questions on this topic but it's still not clear how and if this is possible.

Here my questions/points :

1)Is it possible to push the bwce builpack using the free pivotal account YES/NO

If yes, can someone explain how

I get this task can only be performed by an admin user

2)Can this step(buildpack push) be clarified in the documentation

See https://docs.tibco.com/pub/bwce/2.3.2/doc/html/GUID-8FD6039A-3A0D-4067-9...

The final statement is : Push the buildpack to the Cloud Foundry environment.

No explanation

There is another wiki on github :


Here the tip is to use the script in the build folder of the buildpack (Run /build/pushBuildpack.sh)

I don't see pushBuildpack.sh, but uploadBuildpack.sh.

Running this script I get an authorization error

Even if it's not possible to perform this action with the free pivotal account, this step should be clarified in the DOC


I got, with the free pivotal account, is only possible to deploy an app with a custom buildpack pushing the buildpack on a git repo.

Anyway even with this solution it doesn't work for me.



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