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How to add machines to a Domain in BW 6

viswanath -

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I am trying to know the process of adding additional machines to a domain in Tibco BW 6.5 environment.

Basically, I have two questions.

1. How to add additional machine to a Domain If I register a BWagent agent to a TEA server, does that add the machine

For example, Let us say I installed TEA and BW on HostA and HostB. I also created a Domain on HostA.

Now, I want to add HostB to the newly created domain on HostA. If I register the BWagent of HostB on the HostA through BWadmin utility, will that add HostB to the domain

Please clarify if this is the process of adding additional machines to a domain in BW 6. Correct me and let me know if it is wrong.

2. After I add HostB to the domain, if I want to create two Appspaces in this domain where Appspace1 should span across two machines HostA and HostB, and Appspace2 should exist only on HostA, how can I accomplish it I could not find a way to configure an appspace spanning across multiple machines. Please find the screenshot attached in which I could see a dropdown selection where I can select only one host. (I dont think it will allow more than one agent even though it exists since it is a drop down field).

Please clarify.

Thanks in advance!!!

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For example we have the next environment: 2 BWservers, 2 EMSservers in FT mode and 2 MS SQL servers in alwaysOn mode. Then you should do next steps.

1. Stop bwagent on every machine

2. Open configbwagent.ini and set the following settings for both bwagents on every machine



bw.agent.networkName=BW6Network (must be the same for both bwagents)

bw.agent.memberName=tibcobw001 (or tibcobw002, must be unique for each bwagent)




bw.agent.technology.dbems.db.connectionURL=jdbc:sqlserver://tibcodb001:1433;databaseName=bwadmindb (both bwagent must use the same database to share domain configuration)








3. Start both bwagents and go to bin and type command

bwadmin show agents

and you should see the agents list of network as like below


bwadmin[admin]> show agents

TEA Server URL : https://tibcobw002:8777/tea

Registered TEA Agent : tibcobw002

Auto Registration : on

Name State Machine Version ConfigState MgmtPort PID


tibcobw001 Running tibcobw001 6.5.0 InSync 217520

0d 00:04:36

tibcobw002 Running tibcobw002 6.5.0 InSync 10528

0d 00:03:59


4. And then go to TEA UI, create domain, then create appspace, and then create appnode for the first bwagent and for second bwagent (you can choose bwagent in the dropdown list in create appnode dialog). And both appnodes must be createdfor the same appspace. (you can do it on every bwagent machine in the bwagent network, and you also can use bwadmin commands instead of TEA UI)

5. Well, you have appspace extended on two machines.

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