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Business Events Cloud Applications scalability

Yasser Farag 2

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Hi All,

How would scalability work for Cloud BE applications, since the discovery endpoint is configured statically at design time in the CDD. When more Cash nodes are added/removeddynamically, should the inference get redeployed with the new CDD cash discovery endpoints or how would it work




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Hi Yaseer,

I would like to have clarity on following :-

Which cloud service are you refering to

If it is Kubernetes then you can refer to the 5.5 GA docs https://prod-publicportal.cloudthis.com/pub/businessevents-enterprise/5....

Also you can refer the sample config files under local tibco directory /be/5.5/cloud/kubernetes especially the bediscoverynode and bediscovery-service yaml files .

Let me know if there are further queries.

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