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Can not load COM.TIBCO.hawk.jvm.JavaVirtualMachine

Rahu Khare

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Hello, I am trying to load COM.TIBCO.hawk.jvm.JavaVirtualMachine Microagent in my HAWK (5.2) ... followed the instructions as mentioned in HAWK plug-in reference guide, restarted the HAWK service ... but failed to find the microagent in HAWK display but when I look into the logs .. cant find any issue .. see below .. said initialized successfully INFO 2019/03/20 13:17:25.948 Java Virtual Machine MicroAgent Initializing. INFO 2019/03/20 13:17:25.948 Trace Directory is : C:/ProgramData/TIBCO_HOME/tibco/cfgmgmt/hawk/logs INFO 2019/03/20 13:17:25.948 Trace File Name is : jvmhma.log INFO 2019/03/20 13:17:25.948 Trace Level is : 7 INFO 2019/03/20 13:17:25.948 Java Virtual Machine (JVM) MicroAgent is initialized successfully. dont know where do I need to find the microagent or missing something... Please advise. Many thanks!!
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