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Mapping Connected Triplets for GPS Pilot

Paul Trively

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Thanks for reading. I'm currently running a GPS pilot for shipping containers. Currently I have two sets of data:

Set 1: Periodically generated GPS data from a sensor in the container

Set 2: In-Gate / Out-Gate information for our terminals What I would like to do is generate a connected set of three points for each event that would look something like this:

GPS Point Before Ingate ||| Ingate GPS (we know where our gates are) ||| GPS Point After Ingate


Then the next triplet would be something like:

GPS Point Before Outgate ||| Outgate GPS ||| GPS Point After Outgate


So the map would be a series of these triplets ingating and outgating across our network. I have an alternative to this using boxplots and Great Circle math, but it's not as "Pretty". Do I need a separate table for each triplet Thanks for your consideration!! Paul

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