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BW6 with Salesforce Integration is giving Error

Alim Shaik 2

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I am trying to explore BW6 integration with Salesforce and seeing the below error with SalesforceCreateAll activity. I have a Developer free trial account in Salesforce.

Could you please help if you have seen this error or share your thoughts on this

20:21:40.389 ERROR [Job_Executor0] com.tibco.thor.frwk.Application - TIBCO-THOR-FRWK-600026: Failed to start BW Application [salesforce.application:1.0]. Reason: TIBCO-BW-FRWK-600053: Failed to initialize BW Component [ComponentProcess].

com.tibco.bw.core.runtime.api.BWEngineException: TIBCO-BW-CORE-500232: Failed to initialize BW Component [ComponentProcess], Application [salesforce.application:1.0] due to activity initialization error.

com.tibco.bw.core.runtime.ActivityInitException: TIBCO-BW-CORE-500616: Failed to initialize the activity [salesforceCreateAll] in process [salesforce.Process], module [salesforce] due to activity lifecycle error.

com.tibco.bw.palette.salesforce.runtime.exceptions.SalesforceLifecycleFault: init operation parser failed due to.

org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Cannot Determine the MEP


20:21:40.402 INFO [Job_Executor0] com.tibco.thor.frwk.Application - TIBCO-THOR-FRWK-300008: Stopped BW Application [salesforce.application:1.0]


Alim Shaik.

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