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How to process 2 response messages for a single request from response queue in Tibco BW

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My use case is, sender is sending request on Tibco ems request queue X and waiting for response. Receiver will received the request from ems queue X and will send 2 response messages on response queue Y (We can ask receiver to send same MessageID (received in request message) in CorrelationID of both response messages).

My challenge is how sender can pick both the messages from same response queue Y.

- I tried putting 2 "Wait for JMS Queue Message" activities after "JMS Queue Sender" in Sender process and set Message Selector condition as well, but 1 "Wait for" activity picked 1 msg from response queue but other keep on waiting.

- I tried putting 1 "Get JMS queue Message" activity and set Message Selector. but it picks 1 msg only from response queue.

- I tried putting 2 "Get JMS queue Message" activities and set Message Selector in both, but in this design also, 1 "Get JMS" activity picks 1 msg from response queue but other "Get JMS" keep on waiting.

I know this can be achieved by asking Receiver to send both response msgs on 2 different response queues. But is there a way that this can be achieved from single response queue only

Please help.

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Surround Get JMS Queue Message with Repeat Until True group, define index as lets say i, and put the condition as$i>2. This would repeat the Get JMS Queue message to reach out twice with the correlation ID. I can create a sample project if you need but it is fairly straightforward.
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