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multi server deployment

Roger Sjödin

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There are options during installation to create the internal database on a new server, see below. Creating a sqlexpress database is only an option if you do not specify an existing database server. If already installed you can point an insight server to a different internal database by running the internaldb.exe utility in the insight installation directory.

Setting up the Scribe Database

Immediately after the installation completes, the Scribe Database Setup window



You can install the Scribe Internal Scribe database on any supported SQL Server

instance (local or remote) that Scribe Insight can access.

Since this section describes installing Scribe for the first time; Scribe assumes that you

do not have an existing Scribe Internal database. For information about connecting to

an existing database, see Section 7 Updating Your Scribe Products.

Scribe Insight Installation Guide 11

To create the Scribe Internal Database using SQL Server authentication:

1. Select Create a Scribe Internal database on SQL Server and then click Next.

2. From the Create the Scribe Internal database on SQL Server window, you need to



Database Information

For information about SQL Server Authentication methods, see the Scribe Online


If you select SQL Server authentication, enter the password for the SA user that

you created when you installed SQL Server Express or the SA password for your

SQL Server installation.

For information about using Windows authentication, see Section 8 Installing

Scribe with Windows Authentication.

Select the Scribe Instance (Server) from the Database Information dropdown list.

The Database Name defaults to SCRIBEINTERNAL.

3. Optionally, click Database Settings to display the Internal Database Settings

window. If desired, you can change:

Data file location

Transaction log file location

If using SQL Authentication, the password for the SCRIBE user. The default

password is integr8!. If you change the password for security reasons, make

the changes via the Scribe InternalDB.exe utility. Changing the password directly

in SQL Server may cause your Scribe Insight server to stop working.

4. Click Next and then click OK on the informational message.

5. The Create Scribe Sample Database window displays. Click Yes to create a

sample database or No to continue without creating a sample database.

If you choose to create the sample database, the Create the Scribe Sample

Database window displays. Enter your SA password and click Next.

Scribe will create the sample database.

6. Click Finish to finish installing Scribe.

If you are not installing adapters at this time, click Exit to close the Scribe Insight

Setup window.

7. Before you begin to use Scribe, you need to configure it. The configuration steps

are described in Section 4 Configuring Scribe Insight.

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