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Manoj Chaurasia

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I have used correlation for a bpm process that has start event of type message, so I have actually mapped (or initialized) correlation data fields in the start message activity itself while receiving input. For start event of type message, we have ability to associate correlation datafields using interface tab.

Now, for start message of type 'None' - I don't seem to be able to associate any correlation data field with the start event. For ex - if I want to correlate a sub process - can I initialize the correlation data fields in a script (instead of start task itself) and then wait for correlation in a receive task Or, is it that correlation is available for only processes those are started using a message


I will probably try this out myself and see if it works, but also wanted to check if any of you already tried or aware if correlation works with a subprocess (i.e, with start event of type 'None').




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I resume this thread because on BMP 4.2 if you use a Start Event of type "None" there is no possbility to avoid the warning "BPMN : Correlation Data field is not used for correlation." for the correlation data because they probably can't appearin the interface of the Start Event.

I intialized the correlation data in the script section of the Start Event, obviousuly the warning persists and now my doubts are the following:


Is it possible to use the correlation data for sub-process that have a Start Event of typeNone

Can I ignore the warning above reported


Thanks in advance for any clarifications.


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