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We are facing below error in MFT SOAP api - getBWSession and...

Manoj Chaurasia

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We are facing below error in MFT SOAP api - getBWSession and other MFT admin related call.

SOAP Envelope is invalid at com.tibco.plugin.share.soap.errors.DefaultSoapErrorHandler.throwEngineException(Unknown Source) at com.tibco.plugin.share.soap.errors.DefaultSoapErrorHandler.throwEngineException(Unknown Source) at com.tibco.plugin.share.soap.processors.SoapLogger.a(Unknown Source) at com.tibco.plugin.share.soap.processors.SoapLogger.throwEnvelopeError(Unknown Source) at com.tibco.plugin.soap.SOAPSendReceiveActivity.postEval(Unknown Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at$JobCourier.a(Unknown Source) at$ Source)

This call were working for few weeks and we started getting this error. There was no change in MFT Command center of IS level. Do note that BW code that make this call works ok in one environment, but not in another. Same code works is able to call MFT SOAP API in QA but failing in DEV and PROD. MFT Version is same across al environments - 7.2.2


Anyone faced this issue with MFT SOAP API call

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Ranjeet, My initial thought is an encoding issue.

The first thing to check is what Encoding value you have defined in the domain definitions. And what encoding you have defined for the MFT command centre's JVM.

Other than that can you try to prove if this is a BW or MFT issue. I'd get the QA BW to try calling the DEV MFT, if that works the problem is at the BW end. If it fails, then the problem is at the MFT end.

Are you able to capture the SOAP messages via a network analyser and compare the two payloads


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