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i am new to TIBCO Admin, while starting the service instance in admin.

naveen tibco 2

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Hi, i am new to TIBCO Admin, while starting the service instance in admin.

i am getting the below mentioned error


Msg code-BWENGINE-100037

Repository not found: C:/tibco/tra/domain/Naveen/datafiles/jmsdeployableprocess_rootRepository not found: C:/tibco/tra/domain/Naveen/datafiles/jmsdeployableprocess_root at com.tibco.pe.core.RepoLoader.(RepoLoader.java:114) at com.tibco.pe.PEMain.do(PEMain.java:332) at com.tibco.pe.PEMain.a(PEMain.java:197) at com.tibco.pe.PEMain.(PEMain.java:184) at com.tibco.pe.PEMain.main(PEMain.java:122)


can anyone please let me know the resolution for this..

thanks in advance..

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Make sure you have local administrator rights on your computer (I assume from the C reference above, this is on your Windows Laptop) Also, when you launch things that may do admin tasks (like create a repository), that you launch that app as local admin. Between Windows getting more and more security conscious and IT dept's getting more savy on locking things down, this may come into play on your development TIBCO install on your computer..

Otherwise, what Kiran said.

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@equinox is right. we also encountered the same problem in our PRD environment. upon checking /opt/tibco/tra/domain//datafiles/_root directory is missing. what I did was copy and paste the same project folder thatwe have fromanother domain on our dev environment and tried to re-upload the ear and it works. before copying the directory I tried to revert to previous working version, restarted hawk and administrator services but it did not work at first.
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