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I am looking for estimate guidance related to dashboards...

Manoj Chaurasia

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I am looking for estimate guidance related to dashboards and

reports in AMX BPM 3.1.



AMX BPM 3.1 comes with the Jasper Reports engine. Jasper

Reports is not a new product, Jasper Reports and BPM combination seems to be pretty




For a report of medium complexity: 20-50 attributes with a

drill down - what would be a good number of hours to include in my estimate

Assuming the out of the box use of the product.



Thanks in advance for any pointers.




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TIBCO Jaspersoft products have their own corporate and community websites.  Please go there to ask questions or search for answers, etc.

TIBCO Jaspersoft Corporate





TIBCO Jaspersoft Community




Answers   Documentation   Exchange   Wiki   Projects

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