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after upgrading toTIBCO DATA VIRTUALIZATION SP 8.2.00 , now the emails with body setup as HTML is returning the HTML code instead of just the result


***1 Datasources are DOWN ***



Datasource NameDatasource TypeDatasource PathDatasource StatusDate Ran

Salesforce_DSSForce/shared/WSCommon/Physical/Metadata/Ordering/Salesforce_DSDOWN2020-04-09 12:09:23.031

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Hello Ali,

This issue is related to the recent upgrade to Java 11 and its use of the mail library in 8.2.0.

Workaround for this:

- Stop the TDV server

- Rename or delete this file: [TDV_Server_Install_Dir]appsserverlibgeronimo-javamail_1.4_spec-1.2.jar (copy it to another location, for backup purposes)

- Start the TDV server

This will allow the server to fall back on an alternate mail library which restores the normal behavior (similar to the previous TDV versions).

Test this in QA first and then move it to Prod. If this does not work then you can always replace the deleted/renamed .JAR file in the same location with your copy.



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