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HTTP request with attachment

Franck -

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The following http request sending a file in attachement is working fine when used with CURL:

curl.exe -X POST -H "x-auth-token: fa8cb63c-b524-40a6-9d59-456389631b71" -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -F "fichier=@C:tmptest.txt" -F "metadonnees=@C:tmpDepot_FXSTD_E_FIN_OPEF.json;type=application/json"

Trying to do the same with BW, I don't see where should I put the information "metadonnees=@C:tmpDepot_FXSTD_E_FIN_OPEF.json;type=application/json" in the input tab of http request.

Any idea please


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I'm facing a similar issue. I have a batch file that is using curl --cacert $CACERT -u ${USER}:${PASS} -F "datafile=@${DATAFILE}" -F "configId=${CONFIGID}" -x "$PROXY" "$UPLOAD_URL" for sending a file. I need to do it with tibco bw. didyou get to find a solution for it thanks a lot.

Kind Regards

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