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SCRIBE ONLINE - Using MS SQL Server connector - step that inserts parent record is returning null primary key in later steps

James Houck

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I'm having an issue with retrieving the primary key of a previously created record in my map. The parent record is successfully created in my MS SQL server DB, but the flow errorserrors outs on the first child record create because the refrenced primary key from the parent create step is showing as NULL.

Can anyone please help I've been searching around for a couple hours and can't seem to find any answers. Thanks in advance if you can help!


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Double check if the create Parent record block is using batch, turn it off to troubleshoot and see if that solves the problem.

Also verify how are you passing/mapping your record ID to the child create block (are there any other SQL level constraints, what is the datatype being mapped from and to, are they the same ).

To troubleshoot/test if you are getting record id, try using Debug or Scribe labs Tools connector. you how to write to Log file for troubleshooting.)

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