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Clearing SQL database with Scribe

Roy Brandt

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Recently working on a migration project using Scribe, we load big volumes of testdata in SQL staging tables, but when we want to clear the tables it takes a very long time to clear all records for reloading data.

Is there a quicker way to clear a SQL database table using Scribe without deleting records one by one

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1) With the Scribe Microsoft SQL Server Connector:

Use the "Native Query" Block with a double SQL statement and add "for each result Block", make sure you test and validate your native query and save your map.



DELETE FROM [dbo].[mytablename];


2) Alternatively, you can use storedprocedures(to clear the data faster)and call/trigger them from a Scribe map using

Scribelabs Tools connector Query block to trigger one scribe run with current timestamp then call the storedprocedureonce.


See Scribe Tools Connector documentation here:

See SQL Server Connector documentation on using Storedprocedures:

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