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Wire AS400 ODBC driver only permits one SQL Collection

Manoj Chaurasia

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I am using Scribe with Wire ODBC driver for AS400 iSeries as recommended by Scribe.

Today I want to use " update Source" feature in Scribe Workbench, however as I am using a simple SQL Select string this does not seem possible as I get " Source Query is not updateable" .

OK, I say, I will try using file selection tool instead. Unfortunately my Wire ODBC driver only permits one " SQL Collection" . Collection is similar to AS400 concept of Library, however I need multiple libraries in my integrations. Typically AS400 ODBC drivers permit multiple libraries in " Library List" .

Question: is there a way to

1) use " update Source" using SQL String, or

2) allow multiple " collections" in using Wire Driver. Other AS400 drivers permit this.

Posted by Martin C. on Nov 27 2015 8:51PM { U5886 , F8 , T4177 , C12470 }

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A: The Update Source is very finicky and I would recommend using an Update step in the target instead (use a separate connection not the source connection)

The Scribe DB2 Wire Protocol driver is a 3rd party drive from DataDirect - so there isn't much that can be done in that regard

Q: Are you suggesting using a separate ODBC definition/connection for source and destination

A: A separate connection for use by the Update step in the target (configure steps)

Sometimes there are locking issues if updating the source using the same connection as the source

What I'm recommending is not using the Update Source in Configure Source but an Update Step in Configure Steps

Posted by Martin C. on Nov 30 2015 7:08PM { U5886 , C12471 }

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Did you ever find a solution I am running into the same issue where the Wire Protocol driver only supports one "collection". I was forced to use the Wire Protocol driver some time ago as an update to Scribe broke my existing ODBC connection. Very frustrating.
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