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I have upgraded my server from 10.0 to 10.6, post upgrade report is not working

Anusha V

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Hi,Actually am unable to share the script in files due to server restrictions, Please find the HTML and Javascript snippet for the report. <P align=left><SpotfireControl id="0f4df7144c7749c78038024d128abe69" /></P>









<P align=left><IMG width=891 height=274 style="HEIGHT: 108px; WIDTH: 396px" src="5ba2fa44b6b94618bd22d8d0ad4c048b.png" border=0></P></TD>

<TD><STRONG><FONT color=#232323 size=5>Programme de vols<BR>Fligths Programs</FONT></STRONG></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR>






<TD width=170 vAlign=top>

<P>Dbut de la priode: </P>

<P><SpotfireControl id="8b272a781ead4c59a651cb3bbcd09226" /></P></TD>

<TD width=170 vAlign=top>

<P>Fin de la priode: </P>

<P><SpotfireControl id="4dcf9d887f1f4e008ccb3038b7946be8" /></P></TD>

<TD width=80 vAlign=top>

<P>Type de vol:</P>

<P><SpotfireControl id="37a41de5da3a40d2814d6a6a0d2856af" /></P></TD>

<TD width=180 vAlign=top>


<P> <SpotfireControl id="b95fbb64534443e0a4a6127696ab564e" /></P></TD>

<TD vAlign=top>

<P>Aroports: </P>

<P><SpotfireControl id="89d55261b1ba4e5c8bf18d538d02b820" /></P></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> Javascript://update document property after selection

function datePicker_onSelect(selectedDate){


 $("#dt1 input").focus()

 $("#dt1 input").blur()

}//jquery datepicker configuration

//you can comment the buttonImageOnly and buttonImage lines to show a button instead of a calendar or the image of your choice.

pickerOptions = {

 showOn: 'button', 

 buttonImageOnly: true, 

 buttonImage: 'http://staff.washington.edu/tabrooks/343INFO/UnobtrusiveDatePicker/cal-grey.gif', 

 minDate: "-36M", maxDate: "+0D",

 changeMonth: true,

 changeYear: true,

 altField:"#dt1 input",


 } //create the date picker

document.getElementById('dt1picker').innerHTML="<input type='hidden' id='datePicker'>"

$("#datePicker").datepicker(pickerOptions); Thanks,Anusha

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Hi Anusha,

I checked your html code and javacsript and it seems that you are missing one line in the html code. The javascript is working fine though.

The missing piece in your html code is this line:


(of course your SpotfireControl id should reflect your own date fields of course. So if the datepicker should work for the 'Dbut de la priode' and the 'Fin de la priode' date fileds, the Span id tags should be added their in your html code.

See here for my working html code, which only uses one datefield:














Company Size




Entry Date



Kind regards,


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