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appnode-hawkmicroagent not showing in hawk webconsole (bw 6.2, hawk 5.2)

Marvin Sarcino

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Hi All,


New here.

Im having trouble viewing the appnode-hawkmicroagent in the hawk webconsole. I have already enabled hawk in the config.ini file and through bwadmin push the config to the appnode, as well as restarted the appspace. Is there any other thing that i need to check or enable



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  • 6 months later...

Don't know if you are still having issues with this, but the most likely issue will be one of two things, or both:

1) In config.ini you enable Hawk, but did you also set the transport and the appropriate RV values for the Hawk Agent running on the machine. Usually it is the later. The default is 7474, but may be different for your enviornment.

2) In the Webconsole, are you seeing other microagents from the machine where the BW Appnode is running. You may have a communication problem between the Webconsole and that machine. RV/EMS connections, of the Hawk domain name are the usual culprits.

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  • 2 years later...

Need help on this issue.

I have already checked the config.ini, hawk is enabled there, also using rv as transport, still can't see the appnode microagent only in the list of microagents. other default microagents are showing up, only appnode microagent not visible.

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Please verify if rv parameters in config.ini file is same as ami_rv_session in hawkagent.cfg.


If config is fine, please check appnode log and see if there is RV error which complain RV_HOME cannot be found. If yes, please set RV_HOME in bwcommon.tra file and restart appnode.





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