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SCRIBE console

Martyn Howarth

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Getting sudden error showing in Scribe Console - Message Processor error: An invalid formula was found in one or more data links.

As nothing has been changed whatsoever on our database or scribe server, can anyone advise if this is a known / common issue and any information on what this may be related to


Update on issue: looking at the issue, it is highlighting in the scribe workbench an issue with the Formula (a SelectCase formula)

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Since it is related to a Formula, it could have always worked in the past with the data at that time,

but when the data changesand formula is trying to parse an unexpected data or datatype, try to applynull value checks and also check for the correct data type (i.e. String or INT32 or INT64, unsignedINT32or Numeric/decimal etc)


If you still need help, open a support case for Scribe insight.

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