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How to Schedule a MAP to Run daily from a specific start time to specific end time

Ramy Zahran

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Hi Ramy,

Here is an example:

I have an ETLstyle Solution/App called "myintegration1" containing two maps and I want to run it at a frequency of every 30 mins between 8:00PM and 6:00AM.

My average duration time of eachrun is 20 mins give or take 5 mins.


I set "myintegration1" on demand and I create a Solution called "mytrigger1"to trigger "myintegration1"using the Scribe platform API connector "start solution"with theexecution block.

Connector documentation here:

I schedule "mytrigger1" solution to run every 30 minutes starting at 8:00PM.

In this "mytrigger1" map, I use the Scribe Tools connector(find this connector in the marketplace ) with Query block select one, to trigger a single record with a timestamp.


I now add an IF block to check if the currenttimeis in the time range desired to trigger the actual integration solution/app. (between 8:00pm and 5:35am)

This time range will be my IF condition to use the "execute block"and trigger the "myintegration1" Solution/ run.


(another approach could be: use "mytrigger1"todisable the solution "myintegration1" before 6am and enable it after 8pm.

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