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Applications using websphere mq queues fail to start after bwmq plugin reinstallation

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I have a problem starting applications which use mq, on one node, where bwplugin for webspheremq was installed:

com.tibco.neo.exception.BaseException: WARNING: exception with message ***TIBCO-BW-FRWK-600001: No ComponentFactory found for activity type The palette with this activity may not be installed.*** has not been localized

Following steps were executed:

BW mq plugin installation 8.6.0, of HF-002 (Result: applications using mq stopped starting. All appnodes on specific host and its bwagent were stopped prior installation.)

BW mq plugin HF-002 was uninstalled (Result: same issue)

BW mq plugin 8.6.0 was reinstalled without success.


Please help me how to find the issue andwhere to look:)



Gabriel Patrascu

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You can try removing the content of the /config folder of the target appnode and restart the appnode.

If this doesn't help I think you would need to re-install the plugin. Before this make sure the MQ client librairie is installed on the machine and the plugin is configured to use the Osgi jar coming with the MQ Client.







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