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Mapping to an array Target Field

James Stay

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I'm trying to map fields to a targetted array field. It's a Magento 2 REST Api.

I'm using Tibco's REST Web services connector. However, I'm finding that when it comes to mapping the fields, array type target fields for Magento aren't appearing. Below is an example of a payload that would be sent to the api, but I can't replicate the addresses value due to array fields not appearing.


"customer": {

"email": "jdoe@example.com",

"firstname": "Jane",

"lastname": "Doe",

"addresses": [


"defaultShipping": true,

"defaultBilling": true,

"firstname": "Jane",

"lastname": "Doe",

"region": {

"regionCode": "NY",

"region": "New York",

"regionId": 43


"postcode": "10755",

"street": [

"123 Oak Ave"


"city": "Purchase",

"telephone": "512-555-1111",

"countryId": "US"




"password": "Password1"


Is it possible to map to the array fields

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this is not yet possible with Connect (Scribe).

I could suggest creating a small app with Flogo.- Where you define the Array input.

Create a REST connection to the Flogo App. You can map all the appropiate fields from Connect to Flogo.

In Flogo you can leverage the Invoke http activity to make the calls into Magento




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