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Why HTTP Send Request errors with "Activity Timedout Error" whenever the response status code is 204 and body is empty

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I have a process definition which uses HTTPSend Request palette to call a Service(BW 5.13) with basic authentication.

My process definition works fine if the returned status code is 200, 202 with ASCII or Binary content in response. However, when the response is 204 and the body(ASCII/Binary content) is empty, I get "Activity Timed out " Error ( I tried with 60 seconds too). The same service is working finewhile testing in SOAP UI (it takes less than 2 seconds for response) and also when deployed in Server. This issue happens only when IInvoke the service in Designer.

a) Can this be due to any missing configuration in my Desginer Setup(tra file)

I also scanned my console logs to check the issue and I see "Persistent process disabled" statement. What does this mean Is this relevant to the HTTP Invoke call

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