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Tibco BPM Openspace not showing all the workList Items

Ashis Basak 2

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The issue occurs both in Workspace as well as Openspace.

As we work more on Openspace I will try to explain from Openspace perspective.

When we used to open Work List view in the Openspace in BPM 4.2,with the roles we have,it used to show around 1700-1800 Work Items.

But after migrating to BPM 4.3,for various Users its showing a different value(around 700-1300)in the Work List View.

The difference in the case do exists in the system but not coming up in the Work List View.


As a workaround when I remove the roles from those Users and assign them again,its showing around 1700-1800 Work Items again.(in the Work List view)



Please suggest if anyone has faced this problem!!!!

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