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How to configure retry when scheduled run fails

Thomas Ma

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I'm on Tibco Scribe (not on the newer edition yet).

I have customer solutions configured to run on a daily schedule.

The connections go to a sFTP server to retrieve the source file for integration.

The remote sFTP server sometimes fails to connect and sometimes, it fails at the same time as the scheduled time and results in "Timed out, failed to connect to sFTP server"

Is there a way to configure a retry when this happens Because servers sometimes have login issues and a retry most times will solve it (I've monitored this and did a manual run on the solution and it works 99% of the time).

I tried searching through the knowledge base and could not find anything to this. I also searched here in the community and didn't find anything.

Can this be completed via the UI or is this something that can only be done via code or not at all



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We do have a platform api that you could leverage for this.

You can use our platform api with our platform api connector to create a second solution/app that would check after the scheduled runif there is an error in the execution history and if so, it can trigger the solution for a retry run.



You have scheduled your main solution to run every 24hrsat 10am (daily once).

Your second solution could check every 24hrs at 11am if there is a fatalerror in the most recent execution history and if so will run the retry at 11am.

Documentation on the platform api and connector can be found here:

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