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Why are MANOVA tables empty

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Hi there,

I'm trying to run a mixed model MANOVA (one between-subject with 3 levels,one within-subject with 4 levels) with 11dependent variables (total 11x4=44) in GLM module (Repeated Measures ANOVA) of Tibco Statistica 13.3. Three replicates were performed for each combination of factor levels. After properly specifying thevariables and within-subject factors and running the analysis, I got an empty MANOVA table (see prints below). The raw data is also properly arranged according to following software's instructions "Specifying Within-Subjects (Repeated Measures) Univariate and Multivariate Designs - Between-Within Univariate (ANOVA) and Multivariate (MANOVA) Designs" and "Specifying Within-Subjects (Repeated Measures) Univariate and Multivariate Designs - Multivariate (MANOVA) Multi-Way Within-Subjects (Repeated Measures) Designs".

I also tryed the same analysis with fewer dependent variables. It worked well with only 2 dependent variables (2x4=8), but with 3 only the results for between-subject were presented (print 4). For 4 or more dependent variables, the entire MANOVA table is empty.

Why are MANOVA tables empty

Print 1: selection of variables.


Print 2: selection of within-subjects factor levels.


Print 3: empty MANOVA table.

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