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SQL connector Execute block error

Erica Weldon

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Hi all,

Using Tibco Scribe OnlineIntegrations with a SQL Connector. We have an Execute block in Scribe that calls a stored procedure that is producing the error "a trigger returned a result set and/or was running with set nocount off". There are triggers in the database that have the text "set nocount off" but thistext is always the last line of the trigger. The stored procedure called by the Execute block has the text "set nocount on" as the first line of the stored procedure. When the stored procedure is run in SQL there are no errors. Has anyone else received this error

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This was fixed (mostly) by turning offDebug & Trace logging for the Agent as advised here:https://support.tibco.com/s/article/The-given-key-was-not-present-in-the-dictionary. Sometimes this error still occurs with no obvious reason. Retrying record will succeed sometimes and fail other times. Will update if another solution is provided by support.
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