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JMS Queue Listener of a TIBCO BW Service is not picking up the messages from TIBCO EMS

Nagashree B

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we have TIBCO BW 5.7 version running along with TIBCO EMS 6.1 where in one of our service , we have around 16 service instances .we are facing issue when one of the service instance hangs with process starters status as "Flow-Controlled" and does not pick up the messages from the respective queues.we did not see any error on TIBCO EMS logs & EMS is up & running .we did see JMS Activity timedout exception in the service.Please someone assist us ...

Job-109110 [businessProcesses/Main/RetrieveSERVERTest_SFTPPRD.process/WriteErrortoLog]: Error Details Job-109110 Error in [businessProcesses/Main/SERVERTest_Prod.process/Generate Error] error generated by Generate Error at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at$JobCourier.a(Unknown Source) at$ Source) error generated by Generate Error ActivityException BusinessProcesses/Starter/SFTP_EMS_TimerStarter.process/Call_SFTPEMS_Process>BusinessProcesses/Main/RecordResults_SFTPPRD_PROD.process/Call_RetrieveSERVERTest_SFTPPRD>BusinessProcesses/Main/RetrieveSERVERTest_SFTPPRD.process/TestSFTP_PROD>BusinessProcesses/Main/SERVERTest_Prod.process/Generate Error -

Thanks & Regards,


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please check your ems is having slow tick error or not, same can see in the EMS log files also check the EMS level settings like at a time how many messages or receiver can send/receive messages. this are the general check we have to do with initial analysis. if it is specific to service instance try the steps.

1. Remove the service instance which cause issue.

2. Test your services and see any errors or not, if noerror you may add a new service instance.

3. Ifnew service instance is having same error as before,then add two more service instances for the same service.

4. ifall newly added services instances are having same issues you can conclude that there is a restriction at max count of send/receivers,

5. Also check the max messages and max bytes properties ( may not be an issue for this scenario )

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