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Error using Client Secret Deployment for Microsoft CDS connection

Redge Allen

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I'm trying to add a CDS connection to Dynamics 365 using the Microsoft Common Data Service (CDS) connector. After selecting Client Secret for deployment, I entered the Dynamics 365 instance URL, Client ID, and Client Secret. When I test the connection, it prompts me with the folllowing error:

Connection test failed: Verify that the Organization is correct and that you can connect to the same Organization from the system running the Scribe Online Agent. The following exception message was returned: This field is required Parameter name: Organization. Exception type: System.ArgumentNullException

The organization is specified by the Dynamics 365 instance URL. I don't see another input for that field.

The cloud agent is able to connect to the same instance using the Dynamics 365 connector with AD authentication. I don't see any references to Client Secret deployment in the connector documentation here:


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