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Install failed with 8.5.1 release on rhel

divya gummadi

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I installed "TIB_ems_8.5.1_linux_x86_64-server.tar" on RHEL 6 box and when i run tibemsd i get this error

TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Enterprise Edition.

Copyright 2003-2019 by TIBCO Software Inc.

All rights reserved.

Version 8.5.1 V4 9/12/2019

Using module path = /lrtpsdoma3/tibco/install/ems/8.5/bin/lib/64:/lrtpsdoma3/tibco/install/ems/8.5/lib/64

Loaded /lrtpsdoma3/tibco/install/ems/8.5/lib/64/

Symbolic link '/lrtpsdoma3/tibco/install/ems/8.5/lib/64/' is incorrect: should refer to a file with a prefix of '' but refers to ''.

Loaded /lrtpsdoma3/tibco/install/ems/8.5/lib/64/

Problem binding /lrtpsdoma3/tibco/install/ems/8.5/lib/64/ /lrtpsdoma3/tibco/install/ems/8.5/lib/64/ undefined symbol: OpenSSL_version_num

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EMS uses the value of EMS_HOME to find the library and adds /lib and /lib/64 to the value of EMS_HOME.

Check if EMS_HOME have been difined, if not, try define the environment var EMS_HOME putting the EMS install home dir. For example: EMS_HOME=/tibco/ems/8.5

In the case, EMS_HOME is not defined. The issue may be fixed by adding the following toLD_LIBRARY_PATH.

/ems//lib or /ems//lib/64

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