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Equivalent to CONVERTDATETIME function from Scribe Insight to Scribe Online.

Gourav Kalra

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I see a function CONVERTDATETIME( DateTime, "FromUTCOffset", "US" | "EU" | "AU" | " ", "ToUTCOffset", "US" | "EU" | "AU" | "" )

for the scribe insight. Do we have an equivalent to convert the UTC to local time for the Scribe Online.


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I would say you could try using the DATEADD formula. Based on the UTC time difference to your local time. for example, when you are in UTC + 2

(DATEADD("h", 2, MyEntity.Date)) to add 2 hours to the supplied date.

You can also do Minus

(DATEADD("h", -2, MyEntity.Date)) to subsctract 2 hours



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