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Advice on Setting up Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

David Blancard

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I am trying to implement the Saelsforce Marketing Cloud Connector in a Cloud Integration map(Scribe).

I followed, as much as I could follow the Instructions contained here:https://help.scribesoft.com/scribe/en/sol/conn/exacttarget.htm, but was not sure what to enter for the URL - is it the SOAP Service Endpoint for the MC API User that is what I entered...

when I test the connector, however, I get this error:

Connection test failed: An invalid security token was provided

There is an External Key generated for the MC API user - but I dont see where that can be used in the COnnector...

anyone have this working that can advise me


thanks in advance.


Dave B

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HI Dave which version of Salesforce Marketing Cloud are you using



Setup Considerations

Salesforce Marketing CloudVersions

Salesforce Marketing Cloudcan be configured in a number of different ways.TIBCOhas tested theSalesforce Marketing CloudConnector with the followingSalesforce Marketing CloudEditions:



Enterprise 2.0


WhileTIBCObelieves that theSalesforce Marketing CloudConnector is compatible with the followingSalesforce Marketing CloudEditions,TIBCOhas not tested the Connector against these Editions, nor do we officially support the use of the Connector withSalesforce Marketing Cloudproducts other than Enterprise 2.0 and Advanced Editions:



Enterprise 1.0

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