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Error when running Docker image

nkla klnkl

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Hey team,

I am trying to build a Docker image at: C:TIBCO-CEdocker

With: docker build -t bw .

However when I run it with: docker run bw


I have the following error:

BW_PROFILE is set to 'default.substvar'

./scripts/ line 148: /tmp/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF: No such file or directory

sed: couldn't open temporary file /tmp/tibco.home/bwce/2.5/bin/sedRVELUD: Permission denied

cp: cannot stat '/tmp/META-INF/default.substvar': No such file or directory

./scripts/ line 446: /tmp/tibco.home/tibcojre64/1.8.0/bin/java: No such file or directory

bash: /tmp/tibco.home/bw*/*/bin/ No such file or directory

AtC:Tibco-CEdockerresourcesbwce-runtime I have the filebwce-runtime-windows-2.5.3


Can you help me out thanks

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