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EBX Column Inheritance and Replication

Mark Elmy

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Our organization likes the use of EBX column inheritance to ease some of the burden on data stewards. In one of our use cases, we utilize inheritance on address fields, including city, state, and zip code for example. We have a Site table which has the address columns and our data stewards enter the address information there. We also have a LineOfBusiness table and we inherit the address columns from the Site table. We do this because we do not want our data stewards to enter the information more than once. We also allow them to override the address fields on the LineOfBusiness (LOB) table because some LOB's can exist at a site, and the adress may slightly differ.

Here is our challenge: We have custom reports we have created that show the addresses foreach LOB. We rely on using the EBX replicated table as the source for the reports. Unfortunately, inherited columns, computed columns, etc, do not have persisted values in the replicated tables. We have implemented custom code to overcome the challenge, but there are several draw backs in our implementation.

What is the best way to take advantage of EBX column level inheritance and get persisted values in the replication table Should we approach this without inheritance, or is there a way to configure EBX to replicate inherited/computed columns

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comment.

Have you tried setting the Refresh Policy to "On demand" instead of "On commit" The refresh policy is located under the replication configuration of the data model.

This will allow the inherited values to persist, but it will only update the replicated table when you ask it to instead of an on-going basis; therefore you may want to create a task to populate the replication table over a defined period of time, if you decide to go this route.


Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.



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Hi Kevin,This is helpful, and thank you for the response.  Can you provide some guidance on how to create a task to have the replicated table refresh  Would this be a new scheduled task within EBX that we would create, or is there a built-in feature for thisThanks,


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