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how to pass encrypted password in UserNameToken -WS security

Gopal Kulkarni 5

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the passoword expected by backend is hashpassowrd with SHA-512 algorithm. And the WSDL also mentions it as hashpassowrd. This is standard use cases, instead of plain passoword they are expecting a encrypted password.

Given the use case, I need to encrypt it and then pass the encrypted value to SOAP R/R - This is my understanding.

I believe this is valid scenario as backend can expect the hashpassowrd with desired algorithm.

1. Is it supported in TIBCO BW 5.x, how do we do that in BW

2. If #1, is not possible, is there any way to handle this (may be updating certain things in WSDL or so).

3. if you have , any sample (WSDL,Code) if you recomment to go thru (for handling HashPassword), please share.


Snippet from WSDL:

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