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how to sort data in dropdown list in text area

priyanka patil 2

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input :[FY19-P01,FY19-P02,FY19-P04,FY19-P03,FY19-SY-P07,FY-SY-P10,FY-SY-P09,FY20-FEB,FY20-APR,FY20-JAN,FY20-MAR]


in future if data increase it should be able to sort exmaple Fy21-JAN,Fy21-FEb

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Spotfire automatically sorts filters in asceding order - it is doing so in this case as well - but the result is not as intended because the data is in form of a string rather than date/month.

So for the filter to be in date wise ascending order you will have to process that column and bring it to one of the supported date formats

Ex: "FY20-Jan" -> "2020 - Jan"

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