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Update Google sheet from NetSuite (CRM) data

Stephen Outram

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I have a project to regularly update a sheet in Google Drive, from data contained in our CRM (NetSuite).

While I've used Tibco Cloud (Scribe) connect 'on a schedule' apps extensively, it appears that develop 'Flogo' is required and I'm new to this.

I've created the Google Connector and new Flogo app with an activity configured for my target sheet.

How do I retrieve and map the data from NetSuite and deliver it, daily, to update my target Google sheet

Many thanks,


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There are two main approaches to achieve daily data retrieval from NetSuite and update your Google Sheet:

  1. Third-party Integration:

This is likely the easiest option for you, especially if you're new to Flogo development. Consider using a pre-built integration tool like LiveStrong's NetSuite to Google Sheets Data Exporter (NSGS).

Here's the process:

  • Install the NSGS add-on from the G Suite Marketplace.
  • Connect NSGS to your NetSuite account using LiveStrong Technologies' guidance.
  • Define the specific data you want to retrieve from NetSuite.
  • Map the corresponding fields between NetSuite and your Google Sheet.
  • Configure NSGS to automatically update your sheet daily.
  1. Flogo Development (More complex):

If you prefer a custom solution using Flogo, here's a general outline:

  • NetSuite Connector: You'll need to develop a Flogo flow that utilizes the NetSuite connector. This connector will allow you to interact with NetSuite data using SuiteScript APIs.
  • Data Retrieval: Within the Flogo flow, configure the NetSuite connector to retrieve the desired data. You'll need to specify the record type (e.g., Customer, Sale) and potentially filter data based on specific criteria (e.g., created date).
  • Data Mapping: Transform the retrieved NetSuite data to match the structure of your Google Sheet. Use Flogo's data manipulation functions to achieve this.
  • Google Sheets Connector: Utilize the Google Sheets connector in Flogo to connect and update your target sheet.
  • Scheduling: Configure Flogo to trigger the data retrieval and update process daily. You can achieve this using Flogo's scheduling capabilities.

Here are some resources to help you further:


If you're new to Flogo development, using a third-party integration like NSGS might be a quicker and more user-friendly option. However, if you prefer a custom solution and are willing to learn Flogo, the development approach can provide more flexibility.

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